Over 20 years of experience

Lesven OÜ has been engaged in the maintenance and repair of Mercedes-Benz vehicles since 1997. By now, we have become a repair centre which experienced specialists and places for 9 forklifts. From the centre no customers are sent back, and a solution is found to all technical and electronic problems of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. If additional advice is needed, Lesven OÜ has several reliable partners who are consulted and used to save the client’s time and money.

The purpose of an experienced company is to provide the customer with the highest quality service possible. That’s why your vehicle is handled by a professional team. One of Lesven’s biggest advantages is the team’s personal bond with and commitment to Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Most of our employees also own one or more Mercedes vehicles. Due to the common interest and motivation of the employees, the staff turnover is low, and the result of the work is up to standards.

We have a spare parts store where you can order parts needed for repair and / or maintenance work. Oils, filters, bulbs, etc. are available on site for maintenance.

Our cooperation partners are such well-known importers of spare parts as Balti Autoosad, Veho, Intercars and others.

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